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Natural Resources Law

     Another mainstay of the Firm's practice is representing clients developing natural resources in the west, including businesses in the industry, energy and agricultural sectors.  In Wyoming in particular, many out-of-state companies look to the Firm for assistance in complying with the Wyoming-specific regulatory landscape, either as principal counsel or as local counsel for their out-of-state firms. 

      Many law suits challenging federal agency action also occur in Wyoming Federal District Court due to the extensive natural resource development occurring in the state.  Keith has considerable experience representing clients in appeals of agency action affecting resource development in Wyoming. 


      Keith has also represented natural resource developers for decades, assisting with permitting and compliance matters, and helping them interact with the regulatory agencies and public servants who regulate their industries in Wyoming.  Keith often works with clients' in-house teams and general counsel to help them navigate the regulatory requirements governing natural resource development in the state. 

      The Firm has extensive experience working with the the agencies in Wyoming that regulate natural resource development, such as: 

  • The State Engineer’s Office Surface and Groundwater Divisions

  • The State Board of Control

  • The Department of Environmental Quality and its various Divisions and Advisory Boards

  • The Wyoming Industrial Siting Council

  • The Wyoming Environmental Quality Council

  • The Office of State Lands and Investments

  • The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

  • Local Governmental entities and county commissioners

  • The Wyoming State BLM Office

  • The Bureau of Reclamation

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